Willow’s Litter – Lagotto

Week 7! Our last week together! We went to the vet today and it went amazing! Everybody did wonderful getting their shots and they all tested free and clear! It was quite hot here today, but we were able to enjoy a nice trip outside this evening!

Week 6! These guys are doing wonderful on softened kibble! They have also been introduced to water now – they are growing up! This lovely litter of 3 has been such a joy. Willow is doing well and liking the new feeding schedule of course!

Happy Memorial Day! We want to give a special thank you for those that are and have served this country – thank you for the sacrifices you have made to keep us free! Hope everyone enjoys the extra pics of this beautiful trio!

Week 5 – over halfway there! These guys are growing great, playing and moving around quite well now. Toward the end of the week we will introduce them to softened kibble! Next week we will begin outdoor trips!

Week 4! We are halfway there! This litter got upgraded to their ‘big pup’ pen – these guys are growing up on us! They are playing and talking more and more each day! They are still on their momma and will be for the rest of this week. Next week we will introduce them to softened kibble.

Week 3 is upon us! Eyes and ears are fully open now! The puppies are starting to get more mobility and using their voices more! Everyone is doing great!

Week 2 is here! These little piglets are doing fantastic. Eyes are all opening – ears will be next! Excited to watch this litter progress!

One week down, seven to go! This beautiful litter is growing just as they should! Everyone has over doubled their weight already! Willow is a proud mama! Looking forward to hitting some milestones this week!

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