Are your dog’s purebred?

Yes! Every puppy we produce is 100% a purebred. We will never sell nor produce any mixed breed puppies here at WRR.

Genetic Testing?

Yes! Through genetic testing, we are able to guarantee to the fullest extent of our knowledge that every puppy we have will not be affected by any testable, AKC recognized gene!

Are your puppies raised outside?

The only time our puppies are outdoors is when we are working on potty training, in which case they are under constant supervision. They receive 24/7 care from my wife and me. For their first several weeks of life, we keep our puppies in our bedroom with us so we can completely ensure that they are getting all the care they need. After that, they are moved into our living area to ensure proper socialization with people and household noises.

Are your puppies potty trained?

We do introduce our puppies to potty training as much as our Oklahoma weather permits. During week 6, we begin a routine to help aid in their understanding of potty training. We have incredible success with our methods, but this does not mean that the puppies will go to your home and be 100% potty trained. There is an adjustment period, which requires time and patience. Remember they are only a mere 56 days old when they go to their forever home, it will take them time to get used to their new surroundings!

Do you provide AKC registration?

While most of our dogs are AKC registered, we no longer offer registration with our puppies. Our puppies are available to pet-only homes, there are NO exceptions.

What dog food/treats do you feed your dogs?

Please see our Puppy Care file in the ‘Links’ page under the ‘Additional Info’ tab!

Do you have a contract?

Yes, we do! Check our ‘Links’ page under the ‘Additional Info’ tab!

Do you have a warranty?

Yes! We have a 3-year warranty under the guidelines of our contract.

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