Winter PWD Litter

All puppies have gone to their forever homes! Looking forward to watching this group grow up!

Week 7! Our vet appointment went wonderful! Everyone got the all-clear and tested negative on all fecal tests! The car ride went perfect – no car sickness at all! The puppies are fully weaned and eating great! Looking forward to our last week together!

Week 6! We have started on puppy food – but they still much prefer mama! Look at these sweet faces! They are growing up so fast. We have our first vet appointment in one week! We are looking forward to a great week exploring the great outdoors and getting into a routine!

Week 5! Weaning off of mama will start this week! We may make a couple adventures outside weather permitting as well! Everyone is growing up so fast! Excited for our big week!

Week 4! We have made it to the halfway point! Puppies are starting to lightly play, bark, and lots of tail wagging! Momma is spending less and less time with them and they are exploring the world around them more and more!

Week 3! Look at those eyes! Crazy the difference a week can make! Less milestones will happen this week but they will get a little bit more mobile! The puppies will continue to grow, nurse on mama, and sleep majority of the day! We are almost half way there!

Week 2! Time is flying by! They sure do grow up fast. Everyone is eating as they should! This will be a big week here at The Ranch – eyes and ears will begin to open and they’ll start acting like little puppies!

Week 1! Winter had a beautiful litter of 4, born March 15th! We have 2 boys and 2 girls – an even split! Everyone is growing great, as they should! Looking forward to watching this unique litter grow and develop!

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