Kylie’s Litter

Week 8 is upon us! What a blessing it has been to raise these boys! We start our goodbyes in the morning! It is always bittersweet, but we are excited for everyone’s new families!

Week 7 is here! These boys have been such a pleasure to rasie – everyone is so fun and chill. We have our vet appointment coming up before this weekend! Looking forward to getting the all clear from Dr. D!

Week 6 is here! Everyone is eating hard kibble great! We had a snowstorm come in so we weren’t able to take these pictures outside but look for a video toward the end of the week of us adventuring to the great outdoors! Puppies will be weaned in the next day or two! Everyone is doing great!

Week 5! This is the start of a big week for us! We will start on food today and begin short journeys to the great outdoors – weather permitting! These boys are growing up so fast! Looking forward to a great week!

Week 4!! We have reached the halfway point! This week is a big week for us – we move on from the whelping box into a big pup pen! Everyone is doing so great! Love this litter of boys!

Welcome to Week 3! Happy New Year! Hope everyone has had a great holiday season! We are very blessed around here! Everyone is doing great! These 5 boys are just growing by the day. They have begun to bark at intruders (me), and are starting to explore their area a little more! Their day is still spent mostly sleeping, with the occasional meal!

Week 2 is here! Look at these little piglets! They are clearly eating very well and have their eyes and ears open! They are getting more and more mobile, but most their time is still spent eating and sleeping!

Kylie welcomed a wonderful litter of 5 boys on December 15th! Everyone is doing amazing. Eating and growing just as they should! Their eyes are even stating to peek! Excited to watch these boys grow up!

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