Kiki’s Litter

Week 8 pictures a couple days early – Happy Valentine’s Day! We start our bittersweet goodbyes this week! Looking forward to watching everyone grow up with their forever families!

Week 7! We have our vet appointment in the morning (2/9)! Looking forward to seeing Dr D and getting the all clear! Everyone is doing wonderfully and really enjoyed some outdoor time today!

Week 6 already! What a fun group this is! They are eating wonderfully and doing a great job with weaning! Looking forward to another great week! We will have our vet appointment in one week!

Week 5! They are eating food great and have started the weaning process. Looking forward to a great week! Hopefully the weather allows us some outdoor time this week!

Week 4! We have reached the halfway point! Everyone is doing great. They have been moved to their ‘big pup’ pen! They are starting to become more playful with one another! They are getting so big – they have aged so much on the last week! Looking forward to a great week!

Week 3 is upon us! We are almost halfway there! Everyone has aged so much this week! Growing, eating, and sleeping just as they should! Looking forward to another fun week at the Ranch!

Week 2 is here! Happy New Year! Hope everyone has had a great holiday season! Everyone is doing great – eyes and ears are all wide open! They are growing and eating so well! Love all the white in this litter!

1 week old! Nice variety in this litter as well! Everyone is eating and growing as they should, mama is doing great as well! Looking forward to watching this litter grow and develop!

Kiki welcomed a beautiful litter on December 22nd! I will update these page with pictures next week!

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