Khloe’s Litter

Week 9! Everyone has now found their forever homes! They are doing great, love being outdoors! They have been vet checked, have their first set of vaccinations, and got the all-clear from Dr. D!

Week 8 is here! We have started saying our goodbyes! This has been such a great group of girls to raise! So excited to watch them grow with their future families! We still have 2 females available – so please inquire for more infomration about them!

Week 7! We go to the vet Thursday, the 27th for our first set of vaccinations! We are stuck inside this week as our state gets some much needed rainfall! The puppies are weaned from mom and eating hard kibble! Looking forward to another great week!

Week 6! We have had a big week this week! We traveled outdoors for the first time and we began eating softened puppy food! We will start the process of introducing potty training this week! We are looking forward to it!

Week 5! Look how grown these girls look! This is a big week coming up! We will start on puppy food and may even venture outside toward the end of the week – we are looking forward to it!

Week 4! We are at the halfway point! Look at these girls – they are all so sweet! Playing and barking with each other, and mama is starting to spend more time away from them! Everyone is doing great!

Week 3! Looking like little puppies now! They are starting to move around more and more and finding their barks! Nothng better than little Tollers!

Week 2 is here! Look at those eyes! Love this group of girls! Everyone is doing amazing – growing and developing, eating and sleeping as they should!

Khloe welcomed a beautiful litter of 4 girls on March 8th! They are now a week old and doing wonderful, as it mama! We are looking forward to seeing these girls grow up!

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