Khloe’s Litter -Toller

Week 7! Look at these beautiful girls! Everyone has grown up so much – they are eating dry kibble now and are weaned from mama! We have our first vet appointment Monday, the 15th!

Week 6! This is a big week full of food and outdoor adventures! Love this stage of Tollers, so sweet and fluffy! We are looking forward to a fun week!

Week 5!! Over halfway now! We have a big week ahead of us with the introduction of food! Look how much they have grown this past week! Nothing better than baby Tollers!

Week 4! We are halfway there! These pretty girls are doing absolutely amazing! They were eager to get out of the whelpoing box and get moved into their big pup pen! This week will be smooth sailing then we will introduce puppy food next week!

Week 3 is here! These girls are growing so fast! Such a beautiful group! Puppy selections will be starting this week! Looking forward to hearing names and seeing where everyone is going!

Week 2! Time is flying by! Look at those eyes! These girls are doing amazing, mama included! Looking forward to watching them continue to grow and develop!

Week 1! Khloe had a beautiful litter of 5 girls June 26th! Everyone is doing wonderful! Khloe is an excellent mother and is doing great as well! Everyone is growing and eating as they should! We should start to see some eyes peeking over the next week! Can’t wait to watch this beautiful litter grow up!

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