Lagotto Romagnolo Litter

Week 13 is here! Mr. 3, who we are now calling Matteo, has had 3 sets of vaccinations and is ready for his new home! We have been working on leash training and an introduction to crate training. Please reach out with any questions!

Welcome to Week 9! We have a lot of love and energy in our house! Lots of spunk! Everyone is doing terrific! Please inquire for more information!

Week 8! 106 degrees here today so we stayed inside to beat the heat! Love this little group of puppies! Everyone is doing amazing! Lot of personality in this pack!

How we beat the Oklahoma heat!

Week 7 is here! This week’s pictures are always a good time! Lots of energy and personality! We had our vet appointment yesterday and it went great! Everyone did great in the car, getting their shots, and got the all-clear!

Week 6 is here! We started the week on softened kibble and are now transitioned to hard kibble! We have a group of great eaters. Everyone is doing wonderful!

Week 5! So much personality in these little pups! We are about to start on softened kibble and making more trips outside! Today was our first adventure, per usual it was met with cautious curiosity (some less cautious than others)! Looking forward to a great week!

Week 4! We are halfway there! This litter is turning into such a beautiful group of puppies! The puppies will move into their ‘big pup’ pen this week! Everyone is doing great! Please inquire for more information!

Week 3 is here! Looking like little puppies now! These little ones are getting quite mobile. Mom is now starting to spend more and more time away, which is a great time for the puppies to explore their little world around them!

Week 2! Look at those eyes! Some are starting to peek; others are seeing the world! Next week, all eyes and ears will be wide open! Everyone, mama included, is doing amazing!

Willow had a beautiful litter of 7 on May 12th! They are all growing and doing great! We have 4 boys and 3 girls, and a nice diversity of colors! Can’t wait to watch this litter grow up and develop!

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