Carly’s Litter

We are sold out! Please inquire if interested in 2021 litters!
Veteran’s Day Puppies! Carly’s beautiful litter of 6!

Week 7 is here! These 7 weeks sure have flown by. We had our vet appointment yesterday and all went well! Everyone took their shots like champs. The car ride went great as well. They are completely weaned and are eating regular kibble now. We are excited for them to join their forever families next week!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Especially with these 6 week old cuties running around! Everyone is looking great! Eating softened kibble twice a day and starting to slowly wean off mom. We should be able to start going outside later this week, weather permitting! Only two weeks to go until making it to their forever homes!

Week 5 is among us! These guys are growing by leaps and bounds. Running, playing, and growing just as they should! We will start them on softened kibble this week. Week 8 will be here before we know it! We had to do pictures indoors today due to it being 30 degrees with a few inches of snow here in beautiful Oklahoma!

Week 4 has made it! We are officially at the halfway point! Time will certainly fly now. We took our first trip outside today, everyone was cautiously curious, typical for a Toller pup! We had a fun morning exploring the great outdoors and clipping their nails. Everyone is growing and doing great!

3 Week Old Puppy version of playing! They are starting to get the hang of it! 🙂

Week 3! Almost halfway there! Eyes and ears are now completely open! They have become extremely alert and aware of their surroundings. They are beginning to “play” with one another and crawl all over Momma Carly! Everyone is growing great and as you can tell, they all have great appetites!

Fall is in the air around here! Week 2 is upon us already! These guys are turning into little piglets! Everyone’s eyes are in the process of opening, showing us those beautiful baby blues! Today is a big day, as they will have their nails clipped for the very first time! Here in the next week, those eyes will continue to open as well as their ears – lots of milestones coming up. Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving and stays safe!

One week already! Everyone is doing great – eating and sleeping just as they should! All of the puppies are gaining weight and are all roughly the same size! Momma Carly is doing fantastic. She is a wonderful, nurturing mother! In the next week, we will begin seeing them “peak”, opening up those pretty blue eyes just a little bit!

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