Carly’s Litter

Week 7! We adventured in to the water and it was a hit! Everyone was a little unsure at first, but overall – it went quite well! The puppies are all completely weaned. We have been taking more and more trips outside this past week and I expect that to continue until the heat wave hits! We also have a vet appointment this afternoon! Looking forward to the upcoming week!

Welcome to Week 6! We explored the great outdoors today! The puppies are now on feeding on puppy food, as well as their mother! They will be weaned completely by the end of the week! One week from today is our vet visit! Looking forward to another great week!

Week 5 – we have made it over the hump! We have a big week coming up – these guys will be getting introduced to softened kibble later this week. We had a fun day today clipping nails and brushing hair! Looking forward to our big week ahead!

Week 4 – Halfway there! Look at these cuties! They are growing so fast. They got moved into their big pup pen this week! They are becoming pretty playful and are not afraid to let out a little growl or bark! Love these little Toller personalities coming out!

Week 3, almost halfway there! These girls are turning into little piglets! I love this little phase. Everyone is doing wonderful – the puppies are getting playful and are starting to ‘talk’! Looking forward to selections being made!

Week 2 is here! This litter is doing great! Eyes are now open, they are getting more active, and growing as they should! Still cannot believe we have a litter full of girls! Looking forward to starting the selection process!

We started July off with quite the bang! Carly welcomed a beautiful litter of 7 GIRLS on July 1st! They are doing wonderful! Many of them are extremely identical in looks, so I will be giving it an extra week before doing individual pictures to ensure no one gets mixed up. If by next week they are all still too similar, then I will separate them using collars – I just wasn’t comfortable doing that week 1! 🙂

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