Camy’s Litter

Week 8! We start the bittersweet goodbyes this week! What a blessing is has been to raise these sweet puppies! Looking forward to watching everyone grow up with their new families!

Week 7 is here! We had our vet appointment yesterday (02/03) and it went great! Everyone did amazing getting their shots and they got the all clear from Dr. D! We are looking forward to a great week with hopefully some better weather!

Week 6! A chilly start to our week – 20 degrees here! They have grown so much – eating great and are now weaned from mom! We will have a vet appointment later this week as well! Looking forward to a great week!

Welcome to week 5.5! I am so sorry for the couple day delay! I have been ill this past week but am hoping to have a better week upcoming! They are already eating hard kibble, loving their water, and playing like crazy! They have begun the weaning process now that food is a staple in their diet!

Halfway there! Welcome to week 4! Big week for us here at WRR! These guys and gals will get moved to their big pup pen! Everyone is doing great!

Week 3! Almost halfway there! Everyone is doing great – eating, sleeping, and finding their bark! As you can see, mama decided a bath was a good idea right before pictures – but at least everyone is now clean! The puppies have aged so much in the last week!

Welcome to week 2! Everyone’s eyes (and ears) are open, some just decided to sleep through picture day! Everyone is eating well and getting more mobile by the day!

Camy brought in a litter of 6 beautiful puppies on December 17th! Love the diversity of the puppies she produced! Everyone is doing great – eating and gaining weight as they should!

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