Ash’s Litter

Week 8 is here! Congratulations to everyone! You will all soon have that puppy that you have been waiting weeks for! This is always a bittersweet week for us. Thankfully, we know that every single one of them is going to an amazing home. Make sure to keep in touch and update us with pictures!

In honor of Week 7 being here, our last official week together, I decided to do a little behind-the-scenes look today! You guys often see the perfect little poses and miss out on some great in-action shots! Speaking of shots, our vet trip went phenomenal today. Everyone did so well in the car and at the vet! We couldn’t be more proud! Enjoy these extra pictures!

Week 6! This litter is full of great eaters, they didn’t miss a beat when it came to softened food! They are slowly weaning off their momma, everyone is doing great! Hopefully the weather cooperates and we can take some trips outdoors!

Welcome to Week 5! We are officially over halfway there! We took our first trip outside today and it was a hit! This week we will start them on softened kibble. Looking forward to a fun week!

Week 4 has arrived! We are halfway there! These guys got moved into their “Big Pup” pen today! This will be the week where little personalities begin to really develop. I opted to do two pictures of each puppy this week in order to capture each puppy’s coat color properly!

Week 3! Eyes and ears are wide open! They are becoming more mobile and more playful as the days go on. They are learning their voices as well, I frequently hear lots of barks and growls coming from their area!

Week 2 is here, as of April 15th! As you can see, these little cuties are starting to see the world! Eyes and ears will be completely over the next week. They are growing and eating just as they should!

Ash welcomed her beautiful litter of 4 on April Fool’s Day! As of April 8th, these guys are now one week old! Momma and babies are doing fantastic!

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